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Global Coffee, Fair Trade, and a concert held in a city that prides itself on community. 

Portsmouth, NH, March 25, 2016- Latest tweet from Global Coffee, Ltd.  “It is our company’s goal to rebuild a community through a savory cup of coffee. What a better way to re-introduce the company brand than to introduce it to a city known for concerts community and good coffee.”

To kick off the rebuilding of the Global Coffee, Ltd. Brand, the company will open a booth at the opening of Prescott Park Festival on June 21, 2016.  Free samples will be given out along with information about Fair Trade and how the company is rebuilding its relationship with local coffee bean farmers.

It has come to Global Coffee, Ltd.’s attention that the coffee beans originally farmed to help communities build and rebuild their communities is not being used for Fair Trade communities.

“The fact that the beans are not utilized toward Fair Trade has not been Global Coffee, Ltd.’s goal.”, says company President, Jordan Shepard.  The company is working towards revising its selection of only working with farms who agree that the coffee beans raised for the company will work towards good.  The purpose of Fair Trade is to give back to communities to help them grow or rebuild.

Global Coffee, Ltd is a company devoted to farming and coffee beans which will in turn help communities from all around the world to grow.

Contact Information:  Jo-Anne Lucas, Communications Director, Global Coffee, Ltd.

PO Box 606. Portsmouth, NH 606-03801, 603-555-1212




City of Portsmouth, NH


Global Coffee Press Release





Analysis of Press Release and Tweets


Use twitter as a series of news, quick quotes, or a link to another source such as Instagram.  In the article, Six Tips for Making your Press Release Twitter Friendly (2011), Kintzler states, “Facebook still feels a little less for business than Twitter,” “Twitter feels like a news source.”

When composing the press release for Global Coffee, the purpose of the news release is to make the public aware that the company is re-building its relationship with Fairtrade. One way it wants to create a market is to offer free samples of its coffee at an event. At the event while people are enjoying the coffee, product may be sold such as pounds of coffee, full cups of coffee, or merchandise featuring the blend of Global Coffee and Fairtrade. However, the ultimate goal is to inform the public about the relationship the company has with the organization Fair Trade.

In Chapter 9 of Content Rules, The Care and Feeding of Fans, the goal of getting the word out through as many outlets as possible is to create a community. The goal of the press release is to announce an event which introduces Global Coffee to a new audience and to people passionate about Fair Trade organizations. Through Twitter, news breaks out about the event through various channels such as Fairtrade, Global Coffee, the city of Portsmouth, NH, and the event, Prescott Park Festivals, for example.



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